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company profile

    Changshu City Zhonglian testing machine factoryis a research and development, product marketing one of the new high-tech enterprise, specializing in design and manufacture of various types of balancing machines, balancing machines correction technology and provide solutions for various industries.
     The company's main products are: balancing machines; circle drive balancing machines; gimbal balancing machines; driveshaft balancing machines; single vertical balancing machines; multifunction balancing machines; fan balancing machines; Motor Rotor balancing machines; special balancing machines; glue stick balancing machines; turbocharger rotor balancing machines; crankshaft balancing machines; inertia flow balancing machines; air conditioning fan balancing machines; axial balancing machines; self-driven balancing machine; brake balancing machines; blade balancing machines; woodworking tool balancing machine; micro-motor balancing machines; wheel balancing machine translation; blowers special balancing machine; brake drums special balancing machine; Animal Husbandry dedicated fan balancing machine; treadmill special balancing machine; water pump fan balancing machines; internal combustion engine balancing machines; washing machine drum dynamic balancing machines; clutch balancing machines; flywheel balancing machines; tire balancing machine balancing maneuver; blade balancing machines; Tool balancing machines; spinning cup special balancing machine and a series more than 30 kinds of products. I produced the balancing machine balancing has been widely used in fans, motors balancing machines, air conditioners special balancing machine, metallurgical machinery for balancing machines, car care special balancing machine tool industry professionals balancing machines, all areas printing special balancing machine, paper machinery for balancing machines, textile machinery for balancing machines and aerospace industries, the products sell well all over the country, exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises and around the world.
    Changshu Union pledge:
        First, we take small profits on the sales policy principles, to help customers.
        Second, product quality Three Guarantees year equipment life-long maintenance.
        Third, timely service, call and, in time to send a technician to the customer location.
        Fourth, willing to undertake the renovation business the old-fashioned balance machine.
    Our high quality products and perfect after-sale technical precision worthy of balancing machines return the majority of users. Welcome to consult discuss!