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The reason is the development of vertical dynamic balancing machine
    In modern machines, due to the extensive use of the rotor, it has developed a flexible rotor balancing machines. Horizontal flexible rotor balancing machine is installed in a vacuum internal protection for the turbine rotor balancing, it is equipped with a vacuum pumping system, lubrication system, lubricating oil gas system and computer data processing systems and other large equipment. Variable speed centrifugal balancing machine rotor speed within a certain range; in addition to measuring bearing vibration or shock force, and the measurement of the rotor deflection. 
   Rotor unbalance centrifugal force will cause the rotor, bearings and mounting base of the machine to produce mechanical vibrations. With the rapid development of industrial production and science and technology, there has been a lot of rotating machinery, including horizontal balancing machines, rotating machinery, work faster and higher, many of rotating machinery in high gear, tools, etc., wheels, generators, steam turbines , centrifugal fans, motors and motor rotor wheel. Therefore, the presence of even a small amount of imbalance, in the high-speed rotation will have a great centrifugal force. 
In order to reduce or eliminate mechanical vibration, balancing technology has attracted wide attention, becoming an indispensable tool to improve product quality. Thus, the rotary member and the rotating machinery balance correction is increasingly important. According to statistics, due to the uneven distribution of mass of the rotor about78% - 90%. Therefore, correcting the imbalance in development of modern industry is a very prominent issue. Because of rotating machinery vibration and noise, accelerated bearing wear, or even seriously affect the product performance and service life.