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Overview of the balancing machine
      Balancing machine is to measure the rotation of the object (rotor) unbalance the size and location of the machine. When any of the rotor around its axis of rotation, relative to the mass due to uneven distribution of the axis of the centrifugal force. So balancing machine is to reduce vibration, improve performance and enhance the quality of essential equipment. Machine according to the measured data to correct the imbalance of the rotor, the rotor can be improved with respect to the axis of the mass distribution, or effect of the vibration produced by rotation of the rotor is reduced to within the allowable range of the vibration force on the bearings.
      Typically, the rotor balance, including measuring and correcting unbalance in two steps, balancing machine is mainly used for unbalance measurement and correction of unbalance is often the help of other auxiliary equipment drilling, milling and spot welding, or by hand The method is complete. Some balancing machines have to do to become a part of the correcting means balancing machines. 
When selecting the company motor balancing machine, make sure the balance of the workpiece level of accuracy required, but please note the following: 
  1. Maximum workpiece check your desired balancing and minimal artifacts and common workpiece dimensions and weight. 
Workpiece weight: 
Balancing machine equipment specifications selected as 1/2 to 1/3 of the middle identifies balancing effect as well. Although the maximum or minimum value of balancing to do, but not necessarily be able to meet the accuracy requirements of the workpiece balance. 
Workpiece dimensions: 
1 must meet the pendulum bearing balancing machines and centers of higher technical parameters of the distance between planes. 
2. The operation of the workpiece can be used as a large torque converter transmission universal joint shaft balancing machine (such as fans). Using lap belt drive balancing machine is generally chosen for the motor industry, lap belt is generally higher precision, more convenient operation. 
3. single vertical balancing machine is suitable for all types of larger diameter than the thickness correction much discoid parts, pulleys, diamond grinding wheel, auto clutch and assembly, wheels, brake disc, disc-shaped tool, pressure plate, dial, centrifugal machine, fan and pump impellers and so on. 
4. Self-drive Fengye balancing machine for small fan blades, such as air conditioning blowers, fans, etc. evaporation.