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Repair and maintenance of motor balancing machine
1. Motor balancing machine balancing machine must be kept clean and rail surfaces should be kept clean and regularly oiled rust. Drive shaft balancing machine 
2. The support block or roller surfaces should be kept clean, are not allowed adhesion iron, dust debris, before each work should wipe the rollers and rotor bearing block or journal, add a little oil. Mobile support frame while the rotor or should be about the same speed at the same time moving the supporting frame, in order to avoid surface scratches journal and wheel wear, do not allow the rotor on the wheel rack were beating or striking. 
3. measuring box is a key component balancing machines, vibration and moisture must be prevented, should be properly kept. Measuring box should turn off the switch after the work is completed. 
4. measuring box is not used as a longer period, you should periodically energized preheat hours. 
5. electrical box panel on measuring all the knobs and toggle switches are not free to avoid damage to components and bring measurement error. 
6. Optical head shot glass should always use lens cleaning paper or lens cleaning cloth to wipe clean the outer surface of the lens, so that it remains clean, do not use the yarn with oil or dirty cloth wipe the mirror. 
7. The balancing machine is a sophisticated detection equipment, there should be someone responsible for the custody and operation.