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Cause and troubleshooting
        Balancing machine causes and to exclude (a) 
Causes the motor balancing machine is not working properly, or reach equilibrium accuracy of factors, some of these factors are balanced piece of reasons, but also plenty of reasons for the machine itself or electrical measurement system. So long as one does not normally part of the work is bound to affect the balance, as can be targeted to analyze these phenomena in order to help us to correctly distinguish and determine the cause of emergence of a variety of situations, and then take effective measures to reduce or eliminate these adverse factors affecting the balance of the workpiece. 
       1. Effect of the workpiece 
       Correcting the imbalance workpiece requirements exceed the capacity of the smallest balancing machine itself achievable residual unbalance, which is balancing precision balancing machines can not meet the requirements of the workpiece balance. 
       Roundness of the workpiece is supported at the journal itself is not good, the surface roughness is too low. 
       Rigidity of the workpiece itself is poor, high-speed rotation when the deformation caused by the quality of the offset, or the workpiece itself is not fixed or loose part moving in a rotating state. 
       After balancing the rotor in actual use there will be significant vibrations, which is not caused by the unbalance of the rotor itself, but because of the rotor into the bearing journal on the ellipse, or the stiffness of the rotor construction there is a difference caused by the higher harmonic is generated , the electromagnetic excitation of vibration caused by impact with the rotor blades of gas vortices during rotation, of the resonance system or the like caused. 
Other devices connected to the grid due to frequent start and noise caused by power fluctuations or due to both the journal and the rotor support frame similar to the diameter of the wheel produced beat frequency interference. Wheel diameter difference between the workpiece journal size should be greater than 20%. 
       Since the check without the use of journal rotor craft mandrel itself mandrel imbalance or concentricity error at installation and support, as well as the gap error mandrel cooperating with the rotor caused the rotor balance after repeated assembly and calibration or use the time and have a greater imbalance. 
       State the actual working conditions of the workpiece when the rotor and balance checking inconsistencies. 
       When the workpiece rotor unbalance correction, which is aggravated or de-emphasis of the centroid position and balancing machines deviation measurement calibration position display. 
  2. The impact of balancing machines 
        1. bearing at high and low around the rotor or journal ran around the plane with the support of the phase rub. 
        2. The support block badly worn or wheel runout increases. 
        3. The support of the dirt, not add oil. 
        4. Install the balancing machine does not match the requirements of the foundation, not the bottom pad solid combination of surface, anchor bolts not tightened, or on the floor surface, causing resonance. 
        5. The sensor output signal is not normal. 
        6. The support frame can move parts of the fastening screws are not tightened. 
        7. The belt does not match the requirements, there are obvious seams. 
        8. Optical head balancing machines are not reflective paper on the photoelectric head mirror blur caused by the angle of deflection of the optical head position offset