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Structure and function of balancing machines

       Balancing machine is divided into mechanical parts, electric parts and electrical testing portion of three parts, three parts of their duties, coordination, are indispensable. 
       Mechanical part, also known as a mechanical bridge to Universal horizontal balancing, for example, balancing machine is the basis of the lower part of the bed is placed firmly balancing machine the parts and equipment by about two swing frame by frame supporting the wheel or V-shaped rotor, providing conditions of rotation of the rotor. Drag the rotor is rotated by a belt or coupling, according to two swing rack mounted vibration sensor signals into electrical signals transmitted to the measuring section, the mechanical portion further includes an axial stop frame and safety cage (cover) and other auxiliary components. 
Electric control part is to control the start and stop the drive motor and speed components, also called electronic control box (cabinet). Electric control part is divided into two kinds of DC control and exchange controls, exchange controls which are divided into two-speed AC control and frequency AC control. Some electric control parts and mechanical parts balancing machines into one. 
      Measuring part is an electronic measuring system, also called an indicator or a measuring box, the electrical signal coming from the sensor will be filtered and to compare the speed signal as a reference, showing the balance of speed and the measured unbalance of the rotor . Electrical measuring part features include plane separation and calibration.