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Motor balancing machine definition
      Motor means in accordance with law of electromagnetic induction to achieve the conversion or transfer of a unit of electrical energy. Motors, also known as a motor (commonly known as a motor), in the circuit by the letter "M" (with the old standard "D") indicates. Its main role is to produce drive torque as a power source for a variety of electrical or mechanical. 
     Using lap belt drive, ensuring the balance of quality and accuracy of the workpiece, lap belt drive loading and unloading easy, high working efficiency. Widely used in the rotator motor rotor, power tools spindle, ventilation equipment and other artifacts balance correction. 
     Generating an unbalanced rotor during its rotation on its own support structure and the rotor of a pressure and cause vibrations. Therefore, the rotor balancing is very necessary. Balancing machines for rotor balancing check is under rotation state, balancing role is: 
          ● improve the quality of its products constituted rotor 
          ● reduce noise 
          ● reduce vibration 
          ● Improved support member (bearing) trial life 
          ● Reduce the user's discomfort 
          ● reduce the power consumption of the product