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Balancing machine classification
         If you speak from the application areas: universal balancing machines (such as balancing motor, pump rotors) and special balancing machines (such as car brakes, drive shafts, etc.); Horizontal balancing machine, vertical balancing machines, heavy, medium, small, special small balancing machines. 
        From the principle of division, there are soft bearing balancing machines, hard bearing balancing machines, there are centrifugal balancing machines and vertical balancing machines. 
Balancing machine at the bridge equipment and electrical measuring control equipment. In recent years, many parts of which the bridge equipment manufacturers are using new materials to improve its damping performance, the use of modular design to use a machine at the same time need to be applied to a variety of rotors, electrical measuring tube to control flow from the semiconductor development, to integration circuits, analog circuits to a digital circuit, its development can be described by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Currently, the motor balancing machine 
Classification balancing machine manufacturers have? Use computer-controlled measuring sub-stream, thereby balancing machine accuracy, efficiency is greatly improved, which were used to display digital, LCD, CRT screen, make the display more intuitive. 
       Rigid rotor: In the working speed, inertia force generated by the mass unit deformed flexing negligible rotor rotor called rigid rotor 
Winding of the rotor: the inertial force of the rotor by the elastic and plastic deformation, thereby changing the state of imbalance, so that the axis of asymmetry, which is called a rotor winding of the rotor.