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History balancing machine development

        Balancing machine development so far has been a hundred years of history. 1866, the German company Siemens invented the generator. Four years later, Canadians Henry Martinson apply the balancing technology patents, opened the prelude balance correction industry. In 1907, Dr. Franz Lawaczek to improved balancing technology available to the Carl Mr. Schenck, who produced the first double-sided balancing machine in 1915. Until the late 1940s, all the processes are in balance using the purely mechanical equipment for the balance. Balancing speed rotor speed is usually taken resonant vibration system in order to make the maximum amplitude. In this way the measurement of rotor balance, measurement error is large, nor safe. 
      With the popularity of the development of electronic technology and the rigid rotor balancing theory, most of the 1950s after balancing devices use an electronic measurement technology. Plane separation circuit technology effectively eliminates the balancing machine interaction about the balance of the workpiece surface. Electrical measuring system from scratch experienced flash type, Watt meter type, digital, microprocessor-based phases, and finally emerged automatic balancing machine 
      With the continuous development of the production of motor balancing machine, balancing the need for more and more parts, bulk is also greater. In order to increase labor productivity, improve working conditions, industrial countries as early as the 1950s on the right balance of automation technology has been studied, and have produced the semi-automatic line balancing machines and balancing. Due to the need of the development of production, but also began to study this phase in the late fifties. Were developed automatic crankshaft balancing machines, and make a test prototype, the first step in the study of automated balancing technology. Late 1960s began to develop China's first six-cylinder crankshaft balancing CNC automatic production line, and a successful trial in 1970. Balancing machine microprocessor control technology is one of balancing the direction of the world's technological development.