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Wheel balancing machine safety rules
1, every man and machine work together should be familiar with the contents of technical information. The operator must be familiar with safety guidelines and procedures of the types of expertise and strict adherence to perform at work, you must press the device "roving check the contents of" inspection equipment, according to the provisions of grease lubrication diagram before work. 
2, the operator should be fully aware of safety and danger, compliance with the operating instructions. Endanger the safety of negligence must be eliminated immediately. 
3, adequate personal protection measures, with emphasis unbalance correction process must bring work gloves, avoid worn a tie, loose clothing, jewelry and leave hair. 
4, in the machine is in operation, any person who can not stay in the danger zone. Only personnel with appropriate guidance through before they can stay in the work area of the machine. 
5, in the balancing operation, the balance of the rotor is unknown, you should first select the lowest speed possible to measure the amount of unbalance measured, and then a high speed inspection. 
6, to verify the calibration of the machine data regularly. Found abnormal equipment operation, such as high consumption, unstable speed, temperature or vibration, unusual noise or odor error, measurement devices, may result in a direct or indirect personal injury or property damage should immediately turn off the machine, notify the responsible maintenance or repair personnel.