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Check the contents of the impeller balancing machine tour
1 machine check before you turn on the main switch and the control voltage of all personnel have left the machine's danger zone, all the components are fixed, the correct settings in the initial position, the clamping device, the workpiece support parts, tools have been assembled;
2 protection and safety devices have been installed in place;
3 Before closing the safe area, make sure everyone had left;
4 All of balance and imbalance correction screw and drive device has been securely installed;
5 drivers have been properly tensioned belt and no aging;
6 Under the governor driving, do not exceed the expected speed;
7 of the machine in accordance with the speed and the load parameter selection, overload is not allowed;
8 Compressed air piping, lubricating and hydraulic oil is not leaking pipe joints loose, friction points hazardous conditions;
9 All cables must be adequately insulated and complete.