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Procedure car tire balancing machine
1: vertical balancing machines filled to the proper tire pressure, removing lead weights on the rim, the tire tread ditch clean stones removed, clean the rim treatment 
2: The tire is mounted on the interior face-balancer, select the appropriate vertebrae, with a locking device to lock the tires, (vertebrae must be aligned with the center hole might otherwise inaccurate data.) 
3: Turn the power balance machine, pull out a ruler to measure the distance away from the rim balancing machines, rim width, rim diameter, and in turn enter the measured data 
4: Press the Start button, balancing machines began to drive tire rotation, measurement starts, be careful not to stand near the tire side of danger 
5: balancing machine automatically stops the measured data, 
6: tire rotation to balance the machine side position lights all light (different models show different ways) in the full light on this side of the rim highest point is 12 o'clock position corresponding to the number of grams of lead weights knock the other side The same is true 
7: Repeat Step 4 until after balancing machine is displayed as 0 (5 g or less, because there is no lead weights five grams or less, balancing machine does not show the amount of 5 grams or less unbalanced) 
8: Remove the tire balancing End