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HQ-5 external rotor fan

HQ-5 external rotor fan


Mainly used in small motor rotor balance checking, fan, fan, impeller, centrifugal fan impeller, roller, a variety of spindles and other rotating body of the workpiece. 
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Specifications HQ-5 
Max weight (kg) 5 
Workpiece diameter (mm) Ф350 
Distance between the two (mm) 30-400 
Workpiece support shaft diameter range (mm) 3-30 
Lap belt drive at a range of diameters (mm) 10-120 
When balancing speed (r / min) Drag the workpiece diameter Ф100 500/650/1000/1340 
Motor power (kw) 0.12 
The minimum achievable residual unbalance (g mm / kg) ≤0.3 
Unbalance reduction ratio ≥90%