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HQ-50 self-driven balancing machine

HQ-50 self-driven balancing machine

     Generating an unbalanced rotor during its rotation on its own support structure and the rotor of a pressure and cause vibrations. Therefore, the rotor balancing is very necessary. Balancing machines for rotor balancing check is under rotation state, balancing role is: 

● improve the quality of its products constituted rotor 
● reduce noise 
● reduce vibration 
● Improved support member (bearing) trial life 
● Reduce the user's discomfort 
● reduce the power consumption of the product 
   Mainly used in the overall balance of fan coil and other parts, fully consider the overall balance of precision components, eliminating the unbalance due to the bearings and other parts and assembly errors caused, improve your product quality. 
Measuring system developed by our company BAL-280 microcomputer measuring the electrical control box, speed, magnitude, phase, intuitive display, electromechanical transducer uses speed sensors, higher accuracy. 
The machine features: easy to operate, high precision and high efficiency; specially designed support frame, perfectly applied to the overall balance; large measuring range; wide modular design, application range.