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Balancing machining parts, fan equipment

Balancing machining parts, fan equipment, ventilation equipment, compression equipment, separation equipment

      Changshu City in the Experimental Factory is a research and development, product marketing one of the new high-tech enterprise, specializing in design and manufacture of various types of balancing machines, balancing machines correction technology and provide solutions for various industries, helping enterprises to improve product quality and competitiveness, and make unremitting efforts to revitalize national industry, selling products, exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises and around the world. balancing Machine products are widely used in motor rotor blades, engine manufacturing, metallurgy textile, papermaking machinery , printing machinery and general machinery manufacturing and other fields, by the customers. I attach great importance to their factory management, technology and motion capabilities, strict implementation of ISO9001 international standard of quality management, giving customers the most suitable products is our relentless pursuit we will continue to develop new products, manufacturing and testing equipment more balanced quality universities, hot city to provide satisfactory service to customers and establish a good working relationship with our customers. Welcome all the friends, patrons! Changshu City in the Experimental Factory is mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech enterprise, specializing in the design and manufacture of balancing machines, electronic counting machines and other high-tech products winding factory attaches great importance to its own management, technology and operation capability, the implementation of strict international standards of ISO9001 quality management. Our products are widely used in motors, fans, engine manufacturing, power tools, textile and metallurgical machinery manufacturing and other fields. Our attention to the progress and development of technology, growing technology team to meet customer requirements using various techniques, and products in the technical performance indicators have reached the international level, so that it can continue with the latest science and technology, to provide users with more quality balancing machine products.