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Marine pump impeller balancing machine

Marine pump impeller balancing machine


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Widely used in all kinds of medium and large balance correction rotor, impeller, roller, roller and other rotating shaft workpieces. The machine adopts the lap belt drive, ensuring the balance of quality and accuracy of the workpiece, with easy handling, quick start, work efficiency. 
     Measuring system developed by our company BAL-280 microcomputer measuring the electrical control box, speed, magnitude, phase, intuitive display, six types of the rotor can be optional, electromechanical transducers using piezoelectric sensors, the output capacity, performance stable. 
Specifications: HW-7500 
Maximum workpiece weight: 7500 kg 
Workpiece diameter: Ф3000 mm 
Roller bearing axle shaft diameter range: 40-160,160-300 mm 
The maximum distance between the gimbal plate to the right side support frame center: 2200mm 
Universal joint transmission torque: 1250 N.m 
Balancing speed: Frequency 
Motor power: 22 kw 
The minimum achievable residual unbalance: ≤1 g mm / kg 
Unbalance reduction ratio Umar: ≥90%