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HW-20000 hard bearing balancing machine

HW-20000 hard bearing balancing machine

       Balance of large wind machine, Jiangsu dynamic balancing machine balancing machine, universal joint
Common mechanical contains a large rotational motion components, such as a kind of motor, fan, a transmission shaft, shaft and turbine rotor etc, collectively known as the rotary body. In the ideal case the rotary body rotates with and without rotation, on the bearing pressure generated is the same, so the revolving body is a rotating body balance. But various rotary bodies in engineering, due to inhomogeneous materials or produce processing and assembly blank defects, errors in design, even when it is non symmetrical geometry and other factors, makes the rotary body rotates in, on each of its tiny particles produce centrifugal inertia force can't cancel each other out, centrifugal inertia force through a bearing effect to mechanical and foundation, causes the vibration, the noise from the acceleration, bearing wear, shorten the mechanical life, serious when can cause destructive accidents. Therefore, must carry on the balance of the rotor, enables it to achieve the precision grade balance allowed, or so mechanical vibration amplitude drop generated in the allowed range.
A rotor unbalance produces a pressure on the supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and cause vibration. Therefore, it is very necessary for dynamic balance of rotor. Balancing machine is the rotor in a rotating state into action check balance, dynamic balance function is:
- improve the rotor and the composition of product quality
- reduce noise
- reducing vibration
- to improve the bearing parts (bearings) life
- to reduce the power consumption of the product
Technical parameters
The largest mass rotor
The maximum diameter of rotor
Bearing neck range of rotor
The cardan shaft end distance tail bearing frame maximum distance
The minimum distance between the two supporting
Balancing speed
Motor specifications
Minimum achievable residual unbalance
Unbalance reduction rate of URR
20000 Kg
With 2800 mm
80 ~ 200 mm and 200 ~ 400 mm
4500 mm
600 mm
192/320/550/900/1350/1667r/min 55 kW (variable frequency variable speed AC motor)
Less than 1 gmm/kg
More than 90%