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HQ-50 hard-bearing balancing machine (lap belt)

HQ-50 hard-bearing balancing machine (lap belt)

            This machine is widely used in various types of glue stick, drum, motors, shafts and other rotating workpiece balance correction. Highly efficient, easy to operate, intuitive display, measuring rapid, high stability, in the course of just the geometry of the workpiece supporting input mode and other parameters measuring box, immediately after the first run, it will visual display of the measured unbalance amount and the phase of the rotor. Changshu City in the Experimental Factory is a research and development, product marketing one of the new high-tech enterprise, specializing in design and manufacture of various types of balancing machines, balancing machines correction technology and provide solutions for various industries, helping enterprises to improve product quality and competitiveness, and make unremitting efforts to revitalize national industry, selling products, exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises and around the world. 
Specifications HQ-50 
Max weight (kg) 50 
Workpiece diameter (mm) Ф800 
Distance between the two (mm) 80-800 
Workpiece support shaft diameter range (mm) 10-80 
Lap belt drive at a range of diameters (mm) 20-200 
When balancing speed (r / min) Drag the workpiece diameter Ф100 650/1000/1300/2000 
Motor power (kw) 0.55 / 0.75 
The minimum achievable residual unbalance (g mm / kg) ≤0.5 
Unbalance reduction ratio ≥90%