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HLD-16 axial fan balancing machine

HLD-16 axial fan balancing machine


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Mainly applied to split air conditioners tubular wind wheel, auto air conditioning, heating and cooling fan, central air conditioning tubular blades, wind curtain machine, cross flow fan and the air conditioning is similar balance correction of the workpiece. This series of special balancing machine with supporting high hardness, recovery and strong, good stability. Measurement system using industrial computer (SCM) and the International universal digital and analog integrated circuits, speed, magnitude, phase, both with digital display, intuitive display, simple operation (just replace the workpiece fixture, you can do a variety of artifacts balance correction). higher efficiency, but also to display the parameter setting memory, fixtures compensation, optional printing. Depending on the size of different types of workpieces, using the number keys to directly enter the relevant parameters of the workpiece can be activated directly by a "g" or "mg" shows that the size of the workpiece unbalance and phase correct. The balancing machine with high quality dielectric ceramic sensor output signal, high precision, small size, easy to install, high sensitivity and reliable performance, good stability, so the series is the best you detect balancing machine parts unbalance equipment. 
Specifications HLD-16 
Max weight (kg) 16 
Workpiece diameter (mm) Ф800 (with cover) 
Working with high cover (mm) 150 
Balancing speed (r / min) ≈620 
Motor power (kw) 1.5 
The minimum achievable residual unbalance (g cm / kg) ≤5 
Unbalance reduction ratio ≥85%