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HQ-50 hard-bearing balancing machine

HQ-50 hard-bearing balancing machine

       This machine is widely used in various types of glue sticks, rollers, motors, power tools, shafts and other rotating workpiece balance correction. The machine adopts the lap belt drive, easy handling, fast start. 
The machine starts long before adjusting for the front rotor radius of the two schools, will be able to properly display the next time you start unbalance and phase workpiece. The machine displays part of the digital display, the use of advanced BAL-280 measuring box, fully functional and can be man-machine dialogue operation. 
Specifications HQ-50 
Max weight (kg) 50 
Workpiece diameter (mm) Ф800 
Distance between the two (mm) 80-900 
Workpiece support shaft diameter range (mm) 8-80 
Lap belt drive at a range of diameters (mm) 20-200 
When balancing machine speed (r / min) Drag the workpiece diameter Ф100 650/1000/1300/2000 
Motor power (kw) 0.55 / 0.75 
The minimum achievable residual unbalance (g mm / kg) ≤0.5 
Unbalance reduction ratio ≥90%