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HQ-2000 hard bearing balancing machine

HQ-2000 hard bearing balancing machine

     The machine is mainly used in motors, rollers, glue sticks, shafts, paper machinery, printing machinery and general machinery manufacturing and other fields. I attach great importance to their factory management, technology and motion capabilities, strict implementation of ISO9001 international standard of quality management, giving customers the most suitable products is our relentless pursuit, we will continue to develop new products, manufacturing balance more quality universities testing equipment, hot city to provide satisfactory service to customers and establish a good working relationship with our customers. Welcome all the friends, patrons!
Size HQ-2000
Maximum workpiece weight (kg) 2000
Maximum workpiece diameter (mm) Ф1800
 Distance between the two (mm) 150-2600(3miBed)
Workpiece support shaft diameter range (mm) 15-120,120-240
Transmission of the circle with a diameter range (mm) 30-600
When balancing speed (r / min) Drag the workpiece diameter Ф100 700/1120/1540/2180
Motor power (kw)    Motor power (kw) Motor power (kw) 5.5
 The minimum achievable residual unbalance (g mm / kg) ≤0.5
 Unbalance reduction ratio ≥90%